WEDEG Fully Automatic Deaerators (Thermal Gas Separator)

-WENTA fully automatic deaerators totally isolated with rockwool. Its outside is coated with galvanize or stainless steel on demand. Thus, the water in the main body is always kept at a stabilized temperature, prohibiting  O2 and CO2 formations.

- WENTA fully automatic deaerators, deaerator pumps, safety valve, special Wenta level gauge (stainless steel).

-Special Wenta Level Controller (stainless steel, fully automatic)

- It is a unit in package with pressure valve group and its all armatures with on demand electric cable and wiring with its high platform, walkways, handrails and capacitive labeling. (Maximum possible platform allowed by your boiler room to prevent wear of our feeding water pups due to cavitation)

- Deaerator pumps are designed on a common chassis with back-ups and pump chassis and collector are electrostatic powder-coating painted.

- The deaerator dome has special flange connection.

- Its maintenance is extremely short and easy.

- Saves 3%-5% on the fuel.

- WENTA fully automatic deaerator consistently keeps the boiler feed water at the same temperature. In this way, the boiler water is fed homogeneously and since there will be no heat fluctuation in the boiler, fuel consumption is between 3% and 5% (depending on the nature of your business).

- Thanks to Wenta fully automatic deaerators, instantaneous heat fluctuation in the boiler is prevented and the transverse and longitudinal expansions are minimized, thus the life of the boiler is extended.

- One single unit can be used at multiple steam boilers with different pressures in the same boiler room.

- Deaerator tank volume is selected as optimum, preventing unnecessary steam consumption.


Technical Specifications and Advantages of the Package Deaerator

 O2 (Oxygen) and CO2 (Carbon-dioxide) gases that are dissolved in the feeding water of the steam boilers, cause corrosion in the form of pores and melts at the boiler tank and the steam and condensate installations (on metal surfaces).

- If these dissolved gases are not removed from the installation, the life of the steam boiler and the installation is shortened. (In some businesses as short as 2 years)

- WENTA fully automatic deaerator fully discharges these dissolved gases automatically; thus our entire system is protected.

-WENTA fully automatic deaerator, by heating the feed water upto 102⁰C, with the help of the special separator plates in its deaerator plaques, fully automatically discharges.
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