Wenta, with its well experienced engineers and employees, offers solutions in accordance with contemporary technology to the heating sector. At the production facility, which is in Ankara with 4.000 metre squares indoor area, via using the contemporary technological systems, it is manufacturing Steam Generators, Steam Boilers, Hot Water Tanks, Hot Oil Tanks, Economizers, Deaerators, Closed Expansion Tanks and Hydrophore Tanks and providing turn-key facilities. With its dynamic structure, WENTA creates permanent engineering solutions in a short period of time and adopts customer oriented working as its principle. Our company exports to many countries and has a significant domestic market share.

WENTA products are certified according to ISO 9001-2008, TSE and CE quality standards. Manufacturing is being done in accordance with there requirements of those documents.

It has Turkish Loyd workplace adequacy certificate, TSE service place qualification certificate.



* Wenta economizers are equipment that provide FUEL ECONOMY and increasing BOILER EFFICIENCY by taking advantage of the waste water of flue gas to heat feeding water at Steam Boilers and heating system water at hot water tanks.

* In case of decreasing the flue gas temperature to dry operating conditions in economizers, an increase of 4-6% becomes possible with boilers with Economizer.

* The repayment period of the economizer investment is calculated as short as 3-6 months according to the capacity of the system, working time and purpose of use.

* Energy costs and environmental pollution are very important in the processes.

* To use the energy that you pay for in the most efficient and economical way, transforming to ECONOMIZER SYSTEM is needed.



* Maximum energy saving with high heat transfer.

* A structure that will not lose its performance for many years thanks to its Germany-imported DIN 17175, EN 10216, DIN 2448, St 35.8.1 certificated seamless drawn pipe with its specially finned trunk that is made of DIN 17100, EN 10025, S235 JR, St37 sheet.

* Compact design with convenient sizes that has very high heat transfer thanks to its special fins.

* Easy adaptation to the installation space by means of flange connection.

* Covered with sheet that is painted with electrostatic coated powder on stone wool (excellent insulation, aesthetic appearance).

* In addition, the flue gas bypass channel is self-contained in Wenta Economizers, and thanks to the leak-proof valve system and easy to control bedding system, the gas can be directed by manual control.

* If desired, it can operate automatically as valve temperature controlled via temperature-sensitive units that controls the flue gas temperature and automatic valve engine that operates under the control of those.


It is designed to provide the maximum possible fuel saving via taking advantage of flue gas energy by cooling to a temperature that it will not cause corrosion thus keeping the boiler thermal yield at a maximum value; and to benefit most from heat conduction.

* Economizer is designed for gas fuels.

* Quality control at every stage of production.

* ISO 9001-9008 quality systems that form the basis of the quality system, have been selected as design/development production/plant and service quality management model.

* Economizer indoor unit is made of special finned Seamless Drawn Steel Pipe tube.

* With the technical features brought by its superior design, it quickly catches the regime at the first start and provides energy in a very short time.

* Thanks to one-to-one, timely, laboratory researches with long trial periods, the superior design of fuel and gas speed is reflected on our products.

* Our products meet the customers as a result of the excellent design of our experienced engineers and certified craftsmen.

* Combination of the superior design, quality of the materials used and our quality policy means long-lasting trouble-free products.
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